[DRBD-user] Building a VM based HA NFS setup over LVM and DRBD

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Thu Nov 18 10:02:09 CET 2010

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On 11/18/2010 02:37 AM, steve wrote:
> Dear Felix,
> Thank you for your reply. Yes, the DRBD is the PV for the LVM volume
> groups. I have multiple volumes in the volume group. One of the volumes
> I created specifically for the NFS and made it an ext3 volume. This I
> have mounted as a drive from a virtual machine residing in the same
> setup (the boot drive for the VM is a separate logical volume). When I
> tested it, it was showing the volumes were up to date in /proc/drbd, but
> if I mounted the volume on the master and created a file or directory,
> then unmounted it and switched to the slave NFS VM, the file wouldn't be
> there.


you're looking at an NFS issue then. It's probably not related to DRBD.

I was under the impression that after making your 2nd DRBD peer master,
there was no data in the LVs, which is likely not the case.

> As it seems this is possible, and DRBD is doing it's job, then perhaps
> it is an issue with how I have mounted the volume or setup heartbeat. I
> will experiment some more.

With the information provided, I don't think anybody can give you hints
toward that end.


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