[DRBD-user] DRDB & Heartbeat v2.1.3 - Device is held open by someone

Sean Barden sbarden at inadco.com
Mon May 17 19:21:07 CEST 2010

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I'm configuring an HA Hadoop cluster using DRBD and Heartbeat.  Works OK
except failover causes reboot due to:

 /etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbddisk r0 stop returning error: State change failed:
(-12) Device is held open by someone.

from ha.debug log.

## start of ha.cf
debugfile /var/log/ha.debug
logfile /var/log/ha.log
logfacility local0
keepalive 1
initdead 60
deadtime 5
mcast eth0 694 1 0
node master1.mydomain.prod master2.mydomain.prod
auto_failback off
## end of ha.cf

## start of haresources
master1.inadco.prod IPaddr::
master1.inadco.prod drbddisk::r0
master1.inadco.prod Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/hadoop::ext3::defaults
master1.inadco.prod hadoop-0.20-namenode
master1.inadco.prod hadoop-0.20-secondarynamenode
master1.inadco.prod hadoop-0.20-jobtracker
## end of haresources

Any ideas?


Sean Barden
sbarden at inadco.com
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