[DRBD-user] truck based replication

Katharina Haselhorst brandlk at Mathematik.Uni-Marburg.de
Mon May 10 15:09:57 CEST 2010

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I've a question concerning the truck based replication. Following 
scenario: Host A is working with a device in primary role in standalone 
mode. It is continuously writing data to the device. Host B does not 
have any of the data and should be synchronized as far as possible to 
the device of host A.

According to the instructions on the drbd website, I do drbdadm -- 
--clear-bitmap new-current-uuid resource, archive the device images 
(including the metadata), send them to B and do a drbdadm 
new-current-uuid resource.

My question: Is it possible for Host A to keep writing between the first 
command (with --clear-bitmap) and the archivation of the device image? 
Or do I have to suspend Host A (at least the application writing to that 
device) for that time?

K. Haselhorst

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