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Sat Nov 21 08:32:40 CET 2009

/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql script is perhaps not conforming with what
In fact clurgmgrd is not able to evaluate the result of postgresql status:
script:pgsql_svc: status of /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql failed (returned 1)

Does this depend on you killing postmaster process or other similar? I
don't think so...
On a test server with CentOS 5.4 and a clean postgresql-server
installed, even if I do a kill -9 of the postmaster pid, so that I
have the file /var/run/ without the process itself,
service postgresql status gives
 [root at c54vm1 ~]# service postgresql status
postmaster is stopped
[root at c54vm1 ~]# echo $?

(see also /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions)

This should be returned to rhcs when a service is not running, AFAIK.

So, coming back to your system, clurgmgrd decides to stop the service,
because it is not able to evaluate it (again giving an error ...):
script:pgsql_svc: stop of /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql failed (returned 1)

Note also these:
The following rules apply to parent/child relationships in a resource tree:
=E2=80=A2 Parents are started before children.
=E2=80=A2 Children must all stop cleanly before a parent may be stopped.
=E2=80=A2 For a resource to be considered in good health, all its children
must be in good health.


PS: you have the default resource provided by rhcs for postgresql in
resource section, but you are using standard postgresql init script in
service section as an external script... any reason?

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