[DRBD-user] A problem with drbd 8.3.4

Dr A V Le Blanc LeBlanc at man.ac.uk
Thu Nov 26 16:44:20 CET 2009

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We have a large number of xen servers with virtual hosts running
mostly Debian lenny, with kernels from xensource.  Recently
we've been experimenting with pacemaker, as a result of some split
brain problems caused on some of our old heartbeat drbd servers.
Since this problem can be reproduced using drbd alone, without
involving pacemaker, I'll just concentrate on that part of the

     Kernel: linux version 3.4.0, from xensource
             also with an older version of from xen
     Xen hypervisor: version 3.2.1, from Debian sources
     drbd:   version 8.3.4-12 from git.drbd.org
             also with version 8.3.4-1 from Debian sources
     64-bit architecture

The symptom: installed drbd, edited configure file, and ran

     drbdadm create-md r0
     drbdadm attach r0
     drbdadm syncer r0
     drbdadm connect r0

on each machine.  No problems.  Then ran

     drbdadm -- --overwrite-data-of-peer primary r0

This started to sync the 20-gb disks, and continued until about 5% of
the disk was synced.  Then the xen dom0 rebooted.  The problem is

I see there have been other problems reported of kernel panics during
syncronisation.  Is this likely to be the same problem?  Is there a

     Owen Le Blanc
     University of Manchester

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