[DRBD-user] Dual primary mounted partitions not showing changes

Martin Gombac( martin at isg.si
Thu Nov 5 10:51:02 CET 2009

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Be careful, by default, creating a new filesystem is destructive operation.


dascione wrote:
> Iustin Pop-2 wrote:
>> What filesystem are you using?
>> regards,
>> iustin
> I WAS using the ext3 filesystem.  After posting this I started looking for
> sync problems with ext3 and ext2 filesystems even though I wasn't using
> ext2.  One topic came up and the guy had the same exact problem.  Anyway the
> result of the post was that ext3 is not a shared filesystem and he had to
> use one of a specific list of shared filesystems in order for it to work. 
> It makes sense that it will not work with ext3.
> A list of shared filesystems and block devices were listed:
> Shared Block Devices:
>    SAN
>    Dual attached SCSI
>    GNBD
>    DRBD
>    iSCSI
> Shared Filesystem:
>    gfs
>    gfs2
>    gpfs
>    ocfs
>    ocfs2
> I choose to go with the ocfs2 filesystem and found a complete guide to
> setting it up with my current configuration of DRBD without having to
> invalidate all my data on the second machine and resync.  Here is a link to
> the guide http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/ch-ocfs2.html
> Just for the record my problem is solved, thank you guys.  For anyone else
> that comes across this I hope the information above suffices for a
> resolution for your problem.

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