[DRBD-user] "Device minor not allocated" while creating new resource

Sam Howard sam.howard at officepcsupport.com
Fri Jun 5 20:24:55 CEST 2009

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I have a similar setup (ubuntu 8.04 hosts, xen guests of various flavors).
I created 2 new LVs on each host, updated and pushed the drbd.conf

resource pd01-root {
  device        /dev/drbd32;
  disk          /dev/datavg/pd01-root;
  meta-disk     /dev/datavg/drbd_log[32];

  on xen-80-31-00 {

  on xen-33-18-02 {



"drbdadm create-md pd01-root" works on both hosts, "drbdadm up pd01-root"
and "drbdadm -- -o primary pd01-root" works on one of the nodes, but the
other node cannot "up" or even "connect" to the new device.


root at xen-80-31-00:~# drbdsetup 32 net C --set-defaults --create-device --allow-two-primaries
32: Failure: (127) Device minor not allocated


no messages in /var/log or dmesg to give a hint.

"drbdadm status" shows:

<!-- resource minor="32" name="pd01-root" not available or not yet created

which is expected.

I've done the start/stop drbd, reboot, etc.

This is on DRBD 8.3.1, Xen 3.4.0, linux (with XenSource patches) --
same build on both hosts.

What can I try next to get more information for debugging this?

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