[DRBD-user] Kernel Panic

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Thu Jan 29 13:00:44 CET 2009

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On 2009-01-29T11:57:53, Igor Neves <igor at 3gnt.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes I have seen and I know that the module that don't loads correctly
> it's from vmware.

Well, so, on the node which is not currently primary, you're not running
the VMs, right? So, how about trying to see if it does not crash if
vmware is never loaded at all?

> The problem with the module it's that it complains about it's license.
> Vmware configure script try to load the module when configuring it and
> and it says it loads OK, but kernel complains about license.

Of course. vmware is a GPL violation, so the kernel rightfully complains

> I'm just remembering now, that centos crew they recently change
> kmod-drbd package politics, before they had one rpm for each kernel they
> sent out. Now the same rpm it's for all the kernels. Can that be the
> problem?

Not sure. You'd see from the logs at boot time - when the modules are
initially loaded - which module load causes the taint flags to be set.


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