[DRBD-user] Filesystem inside a XEN dom-u

Daniel dh at dimax-it.de
Wed Jan 21 18:04:16 CET 2009

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I all,

i tried to configure a virtual device inside a xen.
Here my short config vom drbd.conf:

global {
  usage-count yes;
common {
  protocol C;
resource r0 {
  on sql1 {
    device    /dev/drbd1;
    disk      /dev/hda3;
    meta-disk internal;
  on sql2 {
    device    /dev/drbd1;
    disk      /dev/hda3;
    meta-disk internal;

When i try do create i disk i get the following error:

sql1:~# drbdadm create-md r0
md_offset 2097147904
al_offset 2097115136
bm_offset 2097049600

Found ext3 filesystem which uses 2048000 kB
current configuration leaves usable 2047900 kB

Device size would be truncated, which
would corrupt data and result in
'access beyond end of device' errors.
You need to either
   * use external meta data (recommended)
   * shrink that filesystem first
   * zero out the device (destroy the filesystem)
Operation refused.

Command 'drbdmeta /dev/drbd1 v08 /dev/hda3 internal create-md' terminated with exit code 40
drbdadm aborting

Is XEN unable to manage that or is there something wrong?
the drbd kernel modul is already loaded.

would be nice to hear from u ;)


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