[DRBD-user] mount a LVM with detached DRBD device - write data possible without corruption?

Ekkard Gerlach ekkardgerlach at aiai.de
Tue Jan 20 11:47:24 CET 2009

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* Lars Ellenberg schrieb:

> > node2:~>hb_standy all  # not necessary, node2 is always secondary on all vservers
> > node2:~>drbdadm down all
> > node2:~>mount -o ro /dev/vg-ford2/vserver-home /to_sync-ro
> though "unexpected",
> even ro mount will modify the device
> (replay journal, update superblock, etc).
That works within milliseconds! I don't see any action. 
> rather use a snapshot.
>  lvcreate -s -n vserver-home-snap -L 1G vg-ford2/vserver-home
> and access that.
> then you not even need to stop drbd before.
your're right! I'll realise it!
> though it still may be useful to disconnect drbd temporarily,
> as snapshots can have a heavy performance impact, which would propagate
> back to the Primary volume.
This will happen during the night when users sleep.


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