[DRBD-user] DRBD on LVM-> Disk Upgrade

Jürgen Scholz juergen at kernkraft400.com
Fri Aug 21 01:21:31 CEST 2009

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> - Pop in new disks
> - Initialize new disks as LVM PV (pvcreate)
> - Add PV to existing volume group (vgextend)
> - Move physical extents from old PV to new PV (pvmove)
> - Remove old PV from group (vgreduce)
> - (Optional) wipe PV signature from old disks (pvremove)
> - Pop out old disks
Perhaps this is a bit more elegant than that what i've suggested.

> As this idea is repeatedly being regurgitated here for apparently no
> reason, I've created a blog post about it. You can get it from  
> Planet HA
> (http://www.planet-ha.org/#Internal+metadata%2C+and+why+we+recommend+it 
> ).
Yes. I've read your explanation and it seems very reasonable. I didn't
think about your points.
Maybe a hint about your blog post would be nice. - Especially for those
who don't run professional systems without battery backed RAID  
like myself. I run a RAID1 and I did not see the point in buying a RAID
controller for RAID1 - back then.

> Read my blog. :)
I'm following the feed for quite a while now. You're not posting very  
but when you do it's usually good read. :-)


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