[DRBD-user] Downgrading?

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Mon May 26 17:19:53 CEST 2008

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Remember, I am running the RHEL 2.6.9 kernel, not the vanilla one from 
kernel.org. There are numerous patches and backports which have made it 
into the RHEL kernel. I probably wouldn't try running kernel.org 2.6.9 
for anything special. That said, I've not run 2.4 in production for 
three years.

CentOS is a good stable (free) server platform, and there are DRBD 
packages for it. 2.6 is a solid kernel platform, however for production 
vendor kernels are probably a better option - There is a lot less 
variation between two RHEL4 kernels versus 2.6.24 and 2.6.25.

I don't want to start a distro war by any means. I'm just sharing what 
works for me :)

Stefan Löfgren wrote:
> Lovely! That's what I want to hear: "Rock solid"... :D
> I've got slackware 12.1. (compared to 12.0 SW states that this was a "must
> have" upgrade, and I trusted that).
> Anyway, I agree. I don't like using 2.6.24, I'd rather be using 2.4.x even.
> I'll check if I can downgrade the kernel a bit. Maybe downgrade everything a
> bit. I've never seen so many problems with a Linux system before. But then
> again, this is the first time using 2.6.x in production... ;)
> Basicly this problem with new versions is all 'cos of the "new" hardware not
> supported in older version. If it's at all possible I will follow your
> recomendation and downgrade to 2.6.9...
> Thanks!
> /Stefan
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>> Stefan Löfgren wrote:
>>> Any suggestions on what I should do? Downgrade to DRBD 8.0.12? Will this make
>>> it better? Known issues? Known issues together with VMWare? Will rc2 make a
>>> difference? Anyone else been running 2.6.24.x and DRBD 8.2.x with success
>>> (DELL PowerEdge R200)? Maybe even kernel problems?
>> What distribution are you running? Many maintain a stable kernel 
>> branch which has all the hardware support you need, along with 
>> current security patches and bug fixes. I'd never consider running 
>> 2.6.25 on a production box. I typically run RHEL4's 2.6.9 kernel on 
>> systems in my environment, and DRBD is rock solid (8.2.something).
>> David
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