[DRBD-user] Recommendations for cold standby server

Stefan Seifert nine at detonation.org
Tue Aug 26 22:21:45 CEST 2008

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On Tuesday, 26. August 2008, Andrew McGill wrote:
> I'm about to set up a luke-warm standby server - with DRBD and/or another
> form of synchronisation.  The server will be running a general-purpose web
> hosting environment (LAMP + mail) for up to 100 domains.

I've heard that dovecot (IMHO the best IMAP server of all) will get a 
replication feature of it's own, which should be more bandwith saving than 

> >  - Which files would be better rsync'd (or that the entire job should be) 

So bandwith is extremely expensive and you seem to be able to live with not 
extremely up-to-date data (suggested by your question about turning 
synchronisation off).

I think you'd be better of rsyncing once a day or as often as you need for 
your requirements. Should be the most bandwith saving option.

Also drbd is very sensitive to latency, so long-distance synchronization is 
not recommended anyway.

My €0.02,

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