[DRBD-user] DRBD 0.8rc2 deadlock "WFBitMap" ?

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Tue Jan 23 16:21:18 CET 2007

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Am Montag, 22. Januar 2007 19:09 schrieb Ralf Schenk:
> Philipp Reisner schrieb:
> > drbdadm down all ; drbdadm up all
> That doesn't work: Error is:
> Child process does not terminate!
> Exiting.
> No response from the DRBD driver! Is the module loaded ?
> (Of course the module is loaded)
> > But, please post your excerpts from the kernel logs (of both machines)
> > of the incident.
> > And tell us if the clocks of the machines are in sync (with NTP), or
> > what time difference you have there.
> Both nodes dates are in sync with ntp.
> Ok what I did now: created the meta-data completely from scratch on both
> nodes (drbdadm create-md vm0[1,2]). I started drbd (/etc/init.d/drbd
> start). I set each of the two nodes primary for one drbd device (drbdadm
> primary -o vm0[1,2]). I expected drbd to start a full resync...

So far quite interesting. But to understand if there is really a bug
May I ask you to send the log from the other machine as well ?

I need it of __BOTH__ machine to understand what is going on there!

Hmm, you can reproduce the issue. Maybe you can send me enough information
so that I can reproduce it here as well. 

I need:
1) Your drbd.conf
2) The drbd-meta-data of both devices on hosta
3) The drbd-meta-data of both devices on hostb (I suppose it has that name!)

This is the way to create meta-data-dumps:

drbdadm dump-md all > meta-data-of-hosta.txt

PS: Please attach the log snipplet as mime attachment, (or try to
    not break long lines with you e-mail client). The same
    holds true for the meta-data-dumps.

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