[DRBD-user] Disk space gone lost with DRBD+OCFS2

Christian Rishøj christian at rishoj.net
Fri Jan 12 19:23:46 CET 2007

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DRBD 8.0rc1 in active/active setup with OCFS2 on top. I put  
approximately 31G of data on the filesystem.

However, df reports 57G used:

	% df -h /shared
	Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
	/dev/drbd0             75G   57G   18G  77% /shared

Yet, du reports just 31G of data on the filesystem:

	% du -hs /shared
	31G     /shared

I doubt this is DRBD-related, but I figured some of you in here might  
have a clue what's going on or how I can proceed diagnosing this from  


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