[DRBD-user] different size drbd partitions

Timothy Legge timothy.legge at alc.ca
Thu Jan 4 15:57:44 CET 2007

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Sorry, I mistakening sent this in HTML initially...
We are using drbd 0.7.22.  During testing on VMWare virtual machines
(ESX server) everything went fine.  We had to backout during our
production implementation because we kept getting write errors on the
drbd partition.  It seems that the partition became readonly in the
middle of writes (during a copy sever files would write ok and then the
partition became read only).
The only thing I can figure is that the physical partitions are a
different size (I realized this after our back out).  From the archives
I see that the partitions can shrink if the larger disk is in use and
then the smaller disk become active.  Could this have caused the read
only issue?
I will either change the physical partition size or set the size setting
in the disk section of the drbd.cond file to use less than the smaller
partition but I would like to verify that this (partition going read
only) is a possibility in this case.

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