[DRBD-user] Using 2 Interfaces for the same drbd device ?

Laurent CARON lcaron at lncsa.com
Mon Aug 27 23:20:30 CEST 2007

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Maurice Volaski wrote:
>> via.lej at free.fr wrote:
>>>  I just want to build a redondancy between the 2 nics for the same
>>> drbd volume . If the link on the NIC A failed, i would like to use
>>> the NIC B in order to keep the synchronisation on the drbd volume.
>> You've got to use bonding mode 6 aka ALB.
> This wouldn't work if the NICs are on different networks, which is what
> you'd want to also establish redundancy against switch failure.
> Heartbeat, however, has had this ability for a long time, although
> that's a way simpler connection.

Yes, it would because you don't use eth0 and eth1 anymore, but bond0, bond1

Which means 1 bond device per n physical devices.

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