[DRBD-user] DRBD on software raid

Ng Chwee Huat chweehuat.ng at tangs.net
Mon Aug 27 09:28:49 CEST 2007

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Currently i have two servers. Server A(a new server with hardware raid) &
Server B(Old server, but replaced with new Harddisks, somehow when
installing FC5 on it, it doesn't recognise the hardware raid, although the
raid array has been created). Both Servers are on Fc5
Using these servers, i have done DRBD with samba on both servers. As Server
B hardware raid doesn;t seem to work, i use software raid on server B.
DRBD(failover nicely) and samba seems to be working fine.
Server A doesn't seem to have the below problem
But Server B when sometimes after a reboot/shutdown on and on back, its
software raid disk /dev/md3(drive which contains the replicated data for
samba) will encounter some disk errors which fsck will run to check

I find that if i stop the drbd service on server B before reboot/shutdown,
the next time it is on, it doesn't encounter any problem on /dev/md3(No Fsck
needed). if drbd service is still running during shutdown/reboot, it will
mention some disk errors on /dev/md3 which requires checking before it is
able to boot up normally.


Is there any problem in running DRBD with software raid in linux? How to go
about solving the problem? Thanks.

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