[DRBD-user] Re: [Linux-HA] Filesystem ocf problem

Ben Clewett ben at roadrunner.uk.com
Thu Aug 23 18:25:44 CEST 2007

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Probably me misunderstanding you :)

(This is probably more for the linux-ha mailing list now, but it may be 
of interest here...)

There are various parameters in the Filesystem ocf:

<action name="start" timeout="60" />
<action name="stop" timeout="60" />
<action name="notify" timeout="60" />
<action name="monitor" depth="0" timeout="40" interval="20" 
start-delay="10" />
<action name="validate-all" timeout="5" />
<action name="meta-data" timeout="5" />

But this is odd.  The start timeout shows as 60s.  Yet linux-ha killed 
the mount operation after 10 seconds, therefore making drbd permanently 
stale.  Is this another bug?

This was really my reason for mailing, I wanted to see if there were any 
ocf experts out there...  As well as to report a possible bug.

I am making better progress by upping all these values.  If I find 
anything of significant interest, I'll report back :)


matilda matilda wrote:
>>>> Ben Clewett <ben at roadrunner.uk.com> 23.08.2007 17:38 >>>
>> The reason for this email is just to note to the group that a large file 
>> system under drbd mounted by the latest linux-ha will cause a problem 
>> which can only be sorted by a complete re-boot.
>> I hope this will be useful, and somebody may decide it's a bug worth 
>> investigation...
> Hi Ben,
> I'm sure you misunderstood me, but probably I misunderstand you. :-)
> As I said in my first answer: You HAVE to increase the timeout value
> for the start operation of your Resource Agent. As you said in your
> initial mail, your RA times out before the big filesystem CAN be
> mounted because of its size. You CAN set a timeout for every 
> action of every resource overwriting the default action timeout.
> So, really, enhance the timeout value to a real comfortable value.
> It's better to make it too big than too small.
> If you already made this forget this mail. :-)
> Best regards
> Andreas
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