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Steven drbd at savetimehosting.com
Thu Aug 23 01:43:44 CEST 2007

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I was wondering if there is a site with some recipe for DRBD like you 
have for LVM, anyone has one to share ?

Also, I was wondering what combination on DRBD/LVM would give the 
maximum flexibility in terms of managing disk space. LVM provides a nice 
way to manage partitions and devices (especially when using Xen) so 
having DRBD on top of LVM you loose it so obviously having LVM on top of 
DRBD seems naturally better.

If you plan a file server in Raid 10 for performance and using 
DRBD/Heartbeat for HA, then I guess that you leave the job of adding 
physical disks to the raid controller and then use LVM over DRBD since 
as I understand the drbdadm resize resource command should automatically 
see the new size of the array, am I correct ?


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