AW: [DRBD-user] DRBH/HeartBeat and CROND

Martin Bene martin.bene at
Wed Aug 22 16:33:39 CEST 2007

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> I've sucessfully installed DRBD and HeartBeat in 2 servers using a
> Primary/Secondary configuration.
> Is there any way for me to start/stop ONLY the "root crontab" 
> and the "user1 crontab" with heartbeat?

I've aproached this in a slightly differnet manner:

Cron is active on both nodes, crontab is identical on both nodes.

But: contab entries check that a directory on the drbd volume exists, so
the jobs only execute on the primary host.

Example (drbd provides a filesystem that gets mounted as /usr/www)

8 * * * *       nobody  test -d /usr/www/apache && wget -O /dev/null -q

For my setup that seems to me much easier that fiddling with differnet
crontabs or having multiple cron daemons.

Bye, Martin

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