[DRBD-user] DRBD castrates Linux-HAv2 3+ nodes per cluster mojo

Joe Bill pica1dilly at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 11:44:39 CEST 2007

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This is a real pain and a showstopper.

When you have 3 or more nodes in a Linux-HA cluster,
DRBD requires that drbd volumes be declared on ALL
hosts, although DRBD prevents the user from declaring
a DRBD volume on more than 2 nodes in that cluster,
requesting the user to upgrade to DRBD+.

Nevertheless, even though DRBD+ would allow you to
define a DRBD volume on more than 2 nodes, it still
doesn't fix the issue that all DRBD volumes in a HA
cluster require to have a declaration entry on every
node of that cluster.

This hardly makes any sense in, say a 8 node cluster
with 25 drbd volumes, because I don't want/need each
of all 25 DRBD volumes to be declared and have it's
own listener process on all 8 nodes of that cluster,
thus having 8 copies of each drbd volume.

What I need is, within the "Free DRBD" license terms,
simply use Linux-HA multi-node capability to it's full
extend, without having DRBD castrating Linux-HA's mojo
 by restricting you to clusters with only 2 nodes.

What I need is, withing the license terms of "Free
DRBD", for DRBD to support drbd volumes configured on
fewer nodes than the number of nodes in a Linux-HA
cluster, enforcing for example the limit of 2 nodes
per volume in "Free DRBD", but, allowing me to
configure each drbd volume on *any* 2-node combination
I choose, rather than on all nodes of the cluster.

Thank you for your feedback.

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