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Abraham olivares Varela abraham_ov at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Aug 8 12:19:25 CEST 2007

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Hi everybody

Node 1 connects to Node 2 by a switched network and Node 1 connects to Node 2 by a crossover cable.
Consider the following software configuration:
DRBD communicates over the switched network and Heartbeat (HA) communicates over both networks.
Now, following these steps I can repeat the case where i have both nodes in a standalone state which
requires user intervention to reconnect the current PRIMARY DRBD node.

1.) Node 1 is DRBD Primary and Node 2 is DRBD Secondary
2.) I pull the switched network cable from node 1
3.) Node 1 detects the failure and HA moves the resources to node 2
4.) Node 2 is now StandAlone->Primary/Unknown and node 1 is StandAlone->Secondary/Unknown
5.) I reboot node A simulating a NIC replacement and reconnect the switched network cable
6.) Node 2 aborts the node 1 DRBD connection complaining that current Primary would be sync
7.) Node 1 waits on a degraded connection timeout
forcing the need to run `drbdadm connect all` on node 2

Does anybody knows how can i resolve this issue?  for example avoid the split brain situation when reconnect 
the cable from node 1.

thanks and regards



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