[DRBD-user] Portuguese Documentation About DRBD0.7

leonardo rodrigues de mello leonardo.mello at planejamento.gov.br
Mon Jun 26 20:24:12 CEST 2006

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I had saw in the official drbd website that doesnt exist references for 
documentation in portuguese about the version 0.7.

So i had documentated the use instalation, configuration, use and test 
of drbd 0.7 in portuguese.

I am producing documentation in portuguese about how to integrate 
heartbeat, drbd, mysql and apache server. And a friend of mine is 
finishing the documentation about drbd 0.8 + ocfs2.
(this documentations isnt finished,)

When the documentation about drbd 0.8 be finished, we will translate it 
to english.

Best Regards
Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello

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