[DRBD-user] primary/secondary problem

nick nick at mobilia.it
Mon Jun 19 10:11:41 CEST 2006

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Gernot W. Schmied wrote:
> Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>>/ 2006-06-13 13:32:58 +0200
>>\ Gernot W. Schmied:
>>>>>>>setup (0.7.17 on both machines) on my primary machine suddenly insists
>>>>>>>to remain in "secondary" mode. Any idea why?
>>>>>>what do you mean by "insist"?
>>>>>>if you tell it to become primary, what exactly does happen?
>>>>>>how do you try to do the "drbdadm primary all"?
>>>>>Hmm, the primary node so far always remained primary after setting it
>>>>>once regardless of the secondary being reachable and it maintained that
>>>>>state regardless of restarting drbd via /etc/init.d/drbd.
>>>>>Now it always returns to secondary state when I stop/restart drbd after
>>>>>declaring it primary with "drbdadm primary all" before mounting my file
>>>>>systems. Maybe it is supposed to be that way but I'd like to understand
>>>>>why. Why does it return to secondary state when I stop drbd?
>>>>I'd rather ask "what does switch drbd to primary".
>>>>the init script (at least my init script) does not.
>>>Mine does now. Should I conclude from your question that both
>>>constituents of a drbd cluster start in secondary mode unless altered
>>>via init script or heartbeat?
>>if you insist on shooting yourself, just go ahead.
> Very well, beautiful advice, witty, technically sound, one has to admire
> the craftsmanship.
> It strikes me as peculiar though that *some* folks here switch to
> messiah-ego-mode as soon as somebody dares to say that he does not run
> DRBD via heartbeat and sync-cluster. Of course I am running DRBD in
> several heartbeat (crypto)clusters, makes the most sense anyway.
> However, I was playing with an async configuration where I just power up
> a remote secondary node (SOHO workstation) once a day as a replacement
> for a daily tape backup, and tell you what, it works well and why
> shouldn't it and it serves its purpose at the accepted risk of losing a
> day's changes (same with the tape anyway).
> So my question was related to an isolated primary node (secondary
> powered down) which was declared primary once and why it insists to
> return to secondary mode after restart of drbd.
> Gernot
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Just a simple question, why not run something like unison?


I use it on my DRBD connected boxes for files in directories where the 
whole directory cannot be mirrored (due to configuration files present 
which need to remain unique)..

You can run it over ssh, set it up as a cron job, and it works great for 
  remote sites cuz it will only send the changed data.

For this type of problem I think using DRBD might be a bit of overkill. 
IMHO of course.


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