[DRBD-user] Trouble with drbd-0.7.19.

Leroy van Logchem leroy.vanlogchem at wldelft.nl
Wed Jun 14 16:58:25 CEST 2006

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>So you have to force one to become primary, as the error shows (option
>--do-what-I-say, but I don't remember if it is accepted by drbdadm or
>only by drbdsetup).
Read the docs. You only have to do this once.
If you're going to take the next step, creating a HA cluster, make sure 
to fence this resource.
Only one side can assume the primary role and you must make it easy on 
drbd so no resource
conflicts can or will occur during failovers. But since these are you're 
first steps make sure
you understand the concept and do alot of testing. And again read the 
docs :)

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