[DRBD-user] Re: DRBDv8 + LVM (problems in cstate)(LONG)

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Aug 17 13:22:42 CEST 2006

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/ 2006-08-16 16:59:29 -0300
\ Igor Morgado:
> the kern.log (im on debian) it says more..
> Aug 16 16:22:09 magratea kernel: drbd0: conn( WFConnection -> WFReportParams )
> Aug 16 16:22:09 magratea kernel: drbd0: Handshake successful: DRBD Network Protocol version 82

> Aug 16 16:22:09 magratea kernel: drbd0: Split-Brain detected, dropping connection!

there you are.  that is the reason.

> Aug 16 16:22:09 magratea kernel: drbd0: conn( WFReportParams -> StandAlone )
> magratea:/# drbdadm get-gi all
> 5A114EE2F3E64BC3:7BED9741D8E63232:D9D7884582F7EA10:73F91785A227EB8E:1:1:0:0:0:0
> cricket:/# drbdadm get-gi all
> 350557AFB917FE33:7BED9741D8E63233:D9D7884582F7EA11:73F91785A227EB8F:0:0:0:0:0:0

first uuid differs, other (bitmap, history) uuids are identical:
data set has been modified independently, split-brain detected...

to resolv this, you have to tell drbd
which of the independen modifications
of the data set you want to discard.

to do so:
  cricket# drbdadm -- --discard-my-data connect all
  magratea# drbdadm connect all
should do the trick.

now, we probably should be able to auto-resolv this
if one side is "inconsistent", as is aparently the case here.

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