[DRBD-user] Newbie confusion

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Sat Oct 8 09:33:52 CEST 2005

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Am Freitag, 7. Oktober 2005 13:27 schrieb Etienne van Tonder:
> Hi Phil,
> Thank you for the reply it helped clear up a few things for me and I have
> now got everything configured and working.
> Couple of other questions for which I could not find a definitive answer:
> 1. How do I start drbd/heartbeat at boot time. I'm using Suse 9.3Pro, what
> would be the best method for loading these in such a way as to make sure
> drbd is finished loading before HB starts or is that not important. Should
> I simply do a chkconfig drbd 35, chkconfig heartbeat 35 as I read somewhere
> or add it to the modprobe.conf.local file?? Once drbd is loaded then I
> think HB should be able to do the rest, but I want to make sure drbd is
> loaded before this happens..

drbd's init script takes care of loading the module with the right
module parameters...

Some time ago I agreed with heartbeat's author, Alan Robertson, which
boot sequence codes our start scripts use, so that DRBD is strated
before heartbeat. I am not sure if SuSE's packages goes that way.
Just make sure that DRBD is started before heartbeat...

> 3. What should I normally expect to happen if I shutdown both machines and
> only bring back the primary, will it run in standalone mode allowing me
> access to the shared data. Once it detects the secondary will it then
> connect and sync? What would happen if I did the reverse?

Read the description of wfc-timeout and degr-wfc-timeout again.


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