[DRBD-user] receiver & asender dying after a stonith recovery

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Wed Mar 23 11:37:04 CET 2005

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Am Dienstag, 22. März 2005 22:55 schrieb Dave Dykstra:
> I've been working on getting heartbeat's stonith to function properly on
> my cluster that's using drbd.  I've got it to the point where I can unplug
> the two network connections on the live server (one is a direct connect
> between the two servers, which drbd uses, and the other is the main company
> network) and stonith will temporarily remove power from the live server.
> I always plug in the networks again as soon as the power comes back up.
> The problem I'm having is that almost every time when that server comes
> back up, drbd on the new live server does not re-establish communication
> and the receiver and asender are not running.  If I then manually run
> 'drbdadm adjust all' on the new live server everything comes back up.
> Below is /var/adm/messages from one of the cases.  Time 15:19:53 is when I
> ran 'drbdadm adjust'.  Can anybody explain what's going on?  Am I supposed
> to be having heartbeat doing something more so that 'drbdadm adjust'
> will run?

I can. 

I think that you have found the weak point in the design of the generation 
counters, I became aware of in January.

Actually you have a double fault:

 1st Complete Network failure
 2nd Power failure on the former primary.

You might have a look at 
and other more recent papers, to see what happens.

I am in the progress to come up with a new scheme of data generation 
identifying for drbd-0.8. For drbd-0.7 things will stay as they are.

Item 16 of http://svn.drbd.org/drbd/trunk/ROADMAP, is still wrong
and unfinished, but outlines the ideas how to get this right in the

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