[DRBD-user] drbd + heartbeat

Jerzy Gruntkowski hostmaster at ima.pl
Mon Mar 7 02:23:36 CET 2005

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I've a question about an issue which I can't cope with
for last week. It was already mentioned somewhere here
in a last few months...
I want to make typical redundant cluster consisting of
two computers based on Heartbeat. One is "preferred"
primary, the other one backup, which will overtake
the services in the case of crash of the first one.

During normal operation, the preferred host is the
primary in drbd cluster. After the network failure of
the primary and reconnect following after it (without
reboot) the drbd filesystems on secondary goes in StandAlone
mode - sometimes only one, sometimes all. I know that
the reason is that after disconnect, there is some
time, when drbd on preferred host is still in primary
mode and it gets out of sync.

My question is:
Is there some reasonable way to make it reconnect cleanly
without STONITHing the host?

hostmaster at ima.pl
Jerzy Gruntkowski

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