[DRBD-user] HA-NFS & drbd

Dave Dykstra dwdha at drdykstra.us
Fri Mar 4 18:20:54 CET 2005

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On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 03:53:45PM -0500, Paul Nowoczynski wrote:
> Hi,
> >
> > I need some clarification on this.  I have tried it both ways and have
> > had a little better luck with having /var/lib/nfs be separate on the two
> > servers than having it be a symlink to the shared filesystem.  I have not
> > seen EPERM errors after failover, but I do sometimes have NFS filesystems
> > show up in 'df' on some clients as having some huge number of free blocks
> > (which I assumed was a misinterpretation of -1) until I do "exportfs -r"
> > on the new active server.  Is that an EPERM error? It usually is not on
> > all clients, just some of the ones in the netgroup that the filesystem is
> > exported-to (and I've even seen it when explicitly listing all the hosts
> > in /etc/exports).  I'm quite sure I saw these problems with /var/lib/nfs
> > as a symlink to the shared fileserver or not.  If I make /var/lib/nfs
> > a symlink to the shared filesystem, then it disappears on the standby
> > server and 'df' hangs there when it gets up to the shared filesystem
> > which I have mounted from the activer server by NFS.
> After some trip-ups, I've got a similar config working very well.
> I've been sharing varlibnfs the entire time and have not seen any
> problems - even after 20 or 30 failovers (hard and soft).  One thing
> I have learned is that running an nfs server on your standby machine
> is a bad idea.  I chkconfig nfs off on both of the machines and let
> heartbeat start nfsd after it has mounted drbd.  If the machine is
> on standby, nfsd is not started at all.  One time, after a machine was
> rebuilt, nfsd was on be default and failovers ceased to work at all.

I'm not running nfsd on the standby server either.  I was only talking
about acting as an NFS client.

> I have not been mounting the ha share on the failover cluster nodes,
> but I don't think that would be a bad thing - unless the nfs client
> translates the vip to the loopback.  Are you explicitly mounting the
> vip via the nfs client or the real ip?  I'd recommend that you don't allow
> any non-vital processes on your failover cluster.

I'm mounting the filesystem via the virtual IP address so it can continue
to work before & after a failover.

> paul

- Dave

> >
> > Is it in general a Very Bad Thing to NFS-mount the shared filesystem on
> > the HA-NFS servers?  I have never seen anybody explicitly state that,
> > although I'm beginning to come to that conclusion.  I've had problems with
> > fuser hanging on failover, and even after avoiding that I still sometimes
> > see hangs on shutdown that I'm quite sure are related to operations
> > attempting to access the non-responding NFS mountpoint.  In my case the
> > shared filesystem holds almost everybody's home directories so it's rather
> > a pain to not be able to access them on the standby shared file server.
> > I need to allow people to log in to the active server so I'd have to
> > have their home directories be set up there to be symlinks directly to
> > the mounted filesystem (because that's how we do CVS accesses to avoid
> > problems with CVS over NFS), but that means that when a failover happens
> > every process that is directly accessing the filesystem will get killed
> > which isn't very friendly.
> >
> > - Dave Dykstra
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