[DRBD-user] NEEDS_SYNC with 0.6.13

Dan Cunningham Dan_cunningham at ECOVATE.COM
Wed Mar 2 18:58:01 CET 2005

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Due to some crashing issues I upgraded our drbd software from 0.6.2 to
0.6.13.  This went fine, so I brought in the secondary (also upgraded to
0.6.13) which needed to do a full sync.  About 70% through the syncing
process  it slowed down from 11,000KB sec to 1000KB or less.  In a bit of
stupidity I issued a reconnect command to the secondary server which caused
it to dissconnect  and get into a inconsistant sate (why I did this I'm not
sure).  Now for the real problem.  My primary server, which is up and
running solo right now shows:

version: 0.6.13 (api:64/proto:62)

0: cs:StandAlone st:Primary/Unknown ns:799383972 nr:1059469332 dw:1202791964
dr:852589748 pe:0 ua:0

When I try to bring in the secondary to sync, it errors out with 

Setting up 'drbd0' .. disk ok .. net .. OK
Do you want to abort waiting for other server and make this one primary?
ioctl(wait_connect): Timer expired
drbd: WARNING: 'drbd0' connection timed out
drbd: forcing primary status on /dev/nb0 -- DATA INTEGRITY MAY BE
drbd: ERROR: drbdsetup /dev/nb0 primary --timeout-expired [21]:
drbd: ERROR: ioctl() failed: Input/output error
Local replica is inconsistent (--do-what-I-say ?)
drbd:  drbd0  done.
drbd: skip-wait for 'drbd0'
/etc/init.d/drbd: line 2319: 16642 Terminated              ( trap 'mykill
$!; exit 0;' INT TERM; sleep 10 & wait; while true; do
    date; sed '1,2d' $PROC_DRBD; echo "Waiting for Sync to finish ...";
sleep 300 & wait;
done )
drbd: 'drbd0' still not in Connected state, but WFConnection
[root at fileserver-b root]# cat /proc/drbd
version: 0.6.13 (api:64/proto:62)

0: cs:WFConnection st:Secondary/Unknown ns:0 nr:0 dw:0 dr:0 pe:0 ua:0

>From what I can see its like the primary is not talking/listeneing for drbd
requests, during this process it's staus does not change, but the network is
definately working.  Im really stuck.

BTW these are running redhat 8.0 smp,  my plan is to get a working sync,
then when I have a good seconday, to upgrade them to debain/2.6 and drbd

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