[DRBD-user] Moving underlying scsi devices

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Mon Jun 13 11:34:28 CEST 2005

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Hello from Stuttgart, Germany

We've got two Servers running with Susi 9.1 and drbd 0.7.5 and everything is
working fine. Unfortunately, we have to remove an external raid device on
the primary server, which will change the device numbers of the scsi-disks.

We have at the primary system:

sda = boot, swap and root partitions

sdb = external raid

sdc = raid 0 (drbd0)

sdd = raid 5 (drbd1)

The secondary system is the same but without that external raid.

sda = boot, swap and root partitions

sdb1 = raid 0 (drbd0)

sdd1 = raid 5 (drbd1)

If we remove the external device on the primary machine, former sdc would
get sdb and former sdd would get sdc. So then, what exactly will happen to
to our drbd devices here? Is there a way to update the primary drbd.conf
(metadata?) to the new config without having to resync?

Kind regards,

Thomas Kärcher

FSE Fischer Software Entwicklung

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