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Andreas Huck drbd at huck.it
Fri Jan 28 09:47:48 CET 2005

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On Friday, 28. January 2005 06:17, Robert wrote:
> What is the proper sequence of shutting down two computers using drbd?
> Shutdown the slave first and then shutdown the master?
That's better than the other way around, but since you don't want to
loose your data integrity (and might want to restart either one as primary) 
you should get them first into "Secondary/Secondary Consistent" state.
Than you can shootdown either one first :-)

> Because sometimes, one of the computer hangs and won't shutdown.
> I get the message
> "drbd1:cstate unconnected -> standalone receiver terminated"
> on the screen
> I am using DRBD with HA and I shutdown the computers using Shutdown -h now
Stop your cluster manager (heartbeat?) in advance - the primary at last. 
It should bring the devices right into Secondary/Secondary.

Andreas Huck

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