[DRBD-user] Not recovering primary state after reboot

Oliver Welter mail at oliwel.de
Sun Jan 2 17:21:43 CET 2005

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Hi All,

I am new to drbd and encountering a severe problem :(

I have all drbd's up and running in primary state, some of the devices 
are not connected to the peer because it is down for maintenance, the 
other peer-nodes are up and running.

"drbdadm state all" on the running system:
drbdadm state all
Primary/Unknown (these are down for maintenance)
Primary/Secondary (this is up..)

The devices are regularly mounted and worling

After I reboot the maschine all DRBDs are in Secondary state, and are 
not remounted...

My Setup:
Gentoo System with 2.6.9 Kernel and DRBD 0.7.7 patched directly into the 
kernel. Blockdevices are Software-Raids (md-raidtools)

My config:

resource mail {
   protocol C;
   incon-degr-cmd "echo '!DRBD! pri on incon-degr' | wall ; sleep 60 ; 
halt -f";
   startup { wfc-timeout         5;  degr-wfc-timeout    5; }
   disk {    on-io-error detach;  }
   syncer {    rate   50M;   group   1;  }

   on automatix {
     device      /dev/drbd0;
     disk        /dev/md9;
     meta-disk   internal;
   on idefix {
     device      /dev/drbd0;
     disk        /dev/md9;
     meta-disk   internal;

Anyone can help me

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