[DRBD-user] data loss?

Musard, Kris Kris.Musard at spirentcom.com
Mon Aug 29 20:17:13 CEST 2005

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I recently experienced some data loss with drbd.  I had a resource "r0"
which lost its connection about a month ago and went unnoticed.  This past
weekend something caused both machines to reboot.  They are both running
heartbeat.  The machine with the older data started heartbeat first and
became primary.  A sync occurred causing the older data to be copied to the
other node.  In order to prevent this from happening in the future I have
put a script in place to monitor the status of drbd and notify me when
resources are not connected.  I also set the "on-disconnect reconnect"
parameter for all of my resources.  My question is what would have caused
the older data to look newer to drbd and cause the incorrect re-sync, and
what additional steps can be taken to prevent this from happening in the


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