[DRBD-user] 3 simple questions for a nifty setup

paddy paddy at panici.net
Wed Aug 24 13:22:11 CEST 2005

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On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 12:01:35AM +0930, David wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just thought I'd dig this one up out of the archives as it interests me to
> know more on some progress, if it has been made:
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> Paddy,
> Have you made any more progress on your mysql install on top of DRBD yet? 

I have a running system which is sufficient for my needs, which are only little.

I need to post here to seek help with tuning drbd timeouts, so please see
that for details.

Sadly, my application does not stretch the setup, and my experience of mysql
is largely confined to it just working, so I couldn't recommend anyone to
follow in my footsteps, unless perhaps they were doing the same silly thing I am!

> I
> am interested in doing the same, but if I go the 'proper' mysql cluster way,
> I need 3 machines, and I only have 2.

My limited understanding was that mysql supports two different architectures:
replication and clustering.  The replication is asynchronous master->slave
(and thus requires a minimum of only two boxes), while the clustering is 
truly multi-master and synchronous, but requires the whole database to be 
loaded in RAM (which is out of the question for my app).  When I looked at 
postgres I thought it was a similar story there, but I thought I saw 
something the other day suggesting otherwise.  Sorry I don't recall the

If you're even considering the 'proper mysql cluster' side by side against the
kind of thing I'm doing, then I suggest you look very carefully at your 
requirements as they are really _not_ the same thing.

Where mysql on drbd has been a win for me is in admin time.  It has enabled
me to use generic technologies like drbd and ipsec to solve multiple
problems, rather than getting tangled up in stuff like the mysql/openssl
licensing problem and configuring several different distribution systems.

Many thanks to all who work on it.

Perl 6 will give you the big knob. -- Larry Wall

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