[DRBD-user] Re: How to do partial re-sync?

Vic Berdin vic at digi.com.ph
Wed Aug 17 11:31:09 CEST 2005

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Hi Lars,

> / 2005-08-15 20:13:25 +0800
> \ Vic Berdin:
> > Hi Paul,
> > 
> > My test with drbd is very basic: I simply populate my 
> Primary with new 
> > files just right after a full-sync.
> > I repeated the full sync process by:
>  why? this makes absolut no sense to me...

Indeed. I'm simply in the process of trying out drbd-0.7.11. But
unfortunately, I still can't figure our why changes in the Primary doesn't
get auto-replicated in the Secondary. The only drbd feature I saw that
worked (for my test setup) is a full-sync.
> > a. doing a `drbdsetup /dev/drbd/0 invalidate`) on the 
> secondary node 
> > b. then populated the (already mounted) primary source device with 
> > additional data (note that I did not do anything with the Secondary 
> > Node
> > yet)
> > c. then did a `sync` on the Primary
> btw, sync is, despite of the name, not a synchronouse operation.
> so the command "sync" may exit successfully, even though the 
> actual disk sync is not done yet...
> > While doing the above, I was hoping that there will 
> (should) be some 
> > activity on Secondary's HDD LED, as (I hoped) new data gets 
> > auto-replicated/copied. But there was none.
> so drbd was quicker than you thought it would be.

Well, I really *hoped* this 0.7.11 release is. Unfortunately, up to now, I
wasn't able to see auto-replication work on my test setup. Although
connection/proc status after full-sync seems ok (results included in my last
post), I still can't figure out why no data gets copied to the Secondary as
my Primary gets populated with new data.
This is far from what I saw in 0.6.13 way back. Actually, I went on to try
0.6.13 once more. But for some reason, I am now getting this error message: 

"Minor for /dev/nb0 'r0' not found in /proc/drbd" 

(which didn't exist when I first played with drbd)

What else can I try/check to have this very basic feature of DRBD work on my
setup? I haven’t integrated LVS/HA yet. But my nodes are ready as LVS/HA-DR
already works on them. All I really need right now is to see DRBD do
partial-sync with my devices as new data gets written.
I already posted my config, and currently have "disable-io-hints" commented

Best Regards,

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