[DRBD-user] How to do partial re-sync?

Vic Berdin vic at digi.com.ph
Mon Aug 15 07:00:44 CEST 2005

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Hi everyone,

I'm just trying out drbd-0.7.11. After a successful synch (initial complete
synch) operation, wherein both nodes now reports an "ld:Consistent" state, I
made changes on the Primary. The change involved creating new paths and
dumping of a few Mb of data. After typing `sync` on the Primary, I expected
drbd to automatically update the Secondary. But this didn't happen.

How can I properly invoke drbd to perform synchronization only for the new
changes that was made? I realized that doing a `drbdsetup [dev] invalidate`
on the Secondary node will prompt drbd to peform another round of complete
re-synchronization. This is not what I needed, however. I just want drbd to
auto-update the secondary with the new chunks of data created on the
Primary. How do I do this?

Best regards,

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