[DRBD-user] Really slow speeds

Daniel Andersson daniel at themutual.net
Tue Aug 9 17:57:18 CEST 2005

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> Try adding a "rate 100M;" statement to the syncer config. The default
> speed is 250K/s which is what's you're seeing.
> From the man page:
>         rate To ensure smooth operation of the application on top of
>         DRBD, it is possible to limit the bandwidth which may be used by
>         background synchronizations. The default is 250 KB/sec, the
>         default unit is KB/sec. Optional suffixes K, M, G are allowed.

thanks corey!

i assumed (foolishly) that if i removed the rate-line it would use the  
full bandwidth available (yeah, missed the "default is.."-bit)

what's the reason of rate being limited to 700000K (683.6M)?
(guessing no harddrive can cope with that (or more) anyway, just curious :)

guess i shouldn't question why the default is 250 KB/s.. ?

/ d

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