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Seuberth, Frank F.Seuberth at ing-diba.de
Fri Apr 22 14:12:58 CEST 2005

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i am new to 0.7.x Version of drbd and have some questions.
At first my configuration in the testing i am doing now:
SLES9 and drbd 0.7.x (what ever i will have after online update).

2 Systems, each configured :
3 Physical disks (hda/hdb/hdc 36GB each)
hda1, swap, 1.5GB, software raid1 local to hdb1
hda2, / ext3, 15GB, software raid1 local to hdb2
hda4 ?? mtadata, upto 1GB raid 1 local to hdb4 ???
hda3, /vol01 ext3, 18GB, drbddevice to node B /hda3
hdb3, /vol02 ext3, 18GB, drbddevice to node B /hdb3
hdc1, /vol03 ext3, 36GB, drbddevice to node B /hdc1

Here are my questions :
I like to put the metadata on a physical partition.
Is this partition yust a "raw device" with the parition
type linux native or must there be a filesystem on it ?

Should i put the metadata for all disks on the hda
(hda4[0] for hda3, hda4[1] for hdb3, hda4[2] for hdc1)
each metadata on its own disk
(hda4[0] for hda3, hdb4[0] for hdb3, hdc4[0] for hdc1)

Thanks for your help.


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On 2005-04-21T13:26:49, Lars Ellenberg <Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com> wrote:

> LMB:
>  why does heartbeat continue with resource aquisition
>  even after a startup error of one script?
>  assuming independent resources?


#       Revision 1.26  2004/11/10 18:37:07  alan
#       Put in code to stop starting resources when we get a failure.

This has been fixed post-1.2.3 and will be in 1.2.4; it's in the
STABLE_1_2 branch in CVS and will be in the SLES9 SP2 heartbeat update.

I need to bug Alan again about releasing 1.2.4... (How neat, I can do
that by just Cc'ing him! ;-)

    Lars Marowsky-Brée <lmb at suse.de>

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