[DRBD-user] XFS issues

David MacKinnon blaedd at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 10:58:03 CEST 2005

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> sebastian
> Another Question would be: Is there anyone on the LIST where DRBD+XFS
> works fine in a production environment?

We're using drbd  0.7.10 with 2.6.11-rc2 and XFS. We haven't
encountered any problems (although we had issues/module panic during
sync with anything above 2.6.11-rc2, but we needed the boxes out and
we're using the linux-vserver and a bunch of NFS patches as well, so
we didn't get an opportunity to trace it).

We tested fairly extensively with XFS as the FS on a number of kernels
up to the 2.6.11-rc2 without any issues, over a period of a couple of

The boxes in quesiton have been in production for a bit over a month
without any problems.


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