[DRBD-user] Expected sync speed for a 425gb volume?

Nate Carlson natecars at real-time.com
Wed Apr 6 19:13:35 CEST 2005

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On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Nate Carlson wrote:
> I'm setting up DRBD between two identical boxes (Xeon 2.8ghz, 3ware
> 8506-4LP's, 4 160gb SATA drives in RAID5), with a pair of GigE cards
> bonded together (iptraf says I can get about 1.8gbits/sec across the
> link). I'm running Debian Testing with a 2.6.10 kernel and drbd 0.7.10.

Never mind - looks like it's something wacky with the disk array on both 
boxes - it's causing the slowdowns.

I'll fix that, and then hopefully drbd will be fast.  :)

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