[DRBD-user] switching ethernet card in drbd.

Gareth Ansell ccx264 at coventry.ac.uk
Mon Oct 11 11:54:48 CEST 2004

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I am currently backing up an imap machine to a hot spare using drbd.  I
originally set it up so that drbd was using the primary network card. 
However, I have now installed a second card in both machines solely for
the use of drbd.

Could anyone advise me of the best/least disruptive way of switching
them over.  Is it simply a case of updating drbd.conf with the new IP
addresses and asking drbd to reread the config, or do I have to stop and
start drbd on both machines?

What is the best order to do it, should I do secondary/primary or

If I have to stop and start drbd what is the risk of the resync copying
in the wrong direction?

Any advise much appreciated.

Gareth Ansell
Gareth Ansell
Computing Services
Coventry University
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