[DRBD-user] Newbie admin question

Alex Borges alex at co.com.mx
Fri Oct 8 20:00:22 CEST 2004

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Im wondering if this is really a newbie question, ive installed drbd 
many times in production environments, but
now i feel like a newb.

The question is this. Ive two identically setup servers dell 2850
I set up eight LVM logicall volumes to be replicated through drbd (i do 
link drbd to the LVM lvolumes)

The problem is that i cannot seem to get the size right.

I would like it so, when the time comes, i can  dump drbd and just mount 
my lower level partition (ive done it many times).

But, if there is a difference between my lowerlevel partition (in this 
case a logical volume) and the actual filesystem size of
the filesystem on top of drbd, when i drbd stop and mount /Vol0/LV0, it 
will obviously go nuts (as /Vol0/LV0 will be larger than
the filesystem i created with mkfs /dev/drbd0).

So, im wondering if there is a good rule of thumb to make your volume 
sizes of a good size, so that the lowerlevel logical volumes
are allways the same as the drbd devices and this exact same size can be 
reproduced in another server without much problems.

Or can anyone point me to some documentation that describes how many 
bytes are in a phisicall device (ive got that one), how does that 
translate to logical volumes (final byte size), and then how does that 
play out with drbd on top, and finally, what happens to the filesystem 
on top of drbd when it is accessed throught the lower level device.

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