[DRBD-user] Problems 0.7.x on RH ES 3.0

Ulf Bahrenfuss Bahrenfuss.Ulf at talkline.de
Mon Nov 1 16:02:19 CET 2004

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i do have some problems with drbd on RH ES 3.0.

I do use the normal SMP kernel that comes with the system. After
copying the right config file and adjusting Makefile I can do

make all without an error.

But make install fails. There are some unresolved symbols in drbd.o.
Kernel is 2.4.21-20ELsmp. As this is ES 3.0 kernel 2.6 is not
availiable. So is there a solution? Some missed library or module on the
RH side?

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
depmod:         sock_alloc_Rsmp_c4618524
depmod:         remove_proc_entry_Rsmp_2f849ff4
depmod:         blkdev_put_Rsmp_74efa7a3
depmod:         add_wait_queue_Rsmp_592c154e
depmod:         fget_Rsmp_75f431f5
depmod:         blk_queue_make_request_Rsmp_6a5aeae4
depmod:         blk_dev_Rsmp_d19b503d
depmod:         get_super_Rsmp_60be6ac7
depmod:         blkdev_open_Rsmp_6ddd0943
depmod:         sock_create_Rsmp_8c182dbc
depmod:         init_buffer_Rsmp_867af5dc
depmod:         drop_super_Rsmp_23ebc718
depmod:         add_wait_queue_exclusive_Rsmp_28dfe471
depmod:         fput_Rsmp_98fff904
depmod:         set_bh_page_Rsmp_498cbfe9
depmod:         refile_buffer_Rsmp_e09e02a0
depmod:         create_proc_entry_Rsmp_e73783d6
depmod:         register_blkdev_Rsmp_3f0c40fa
depmod:         _alloc_pages_Rsmp_86ff164b
depmod:         proc_root_Rsmp_2d7d0a16
depmod:         sock_sendmsg_Rsmp_f03613f0
depmod:         zone_table_Rsmp_68dff7b8
depmod:         __free_pages_Rsmp_73c31d78
depmod:         sock_recvmsg_Rsmp_bb1117c3
depmod:         generic_make_request_Rsmp_f69fede3
depmod:         flush_signals_Rsmp_56f91330
depmod:         remove_wait_queue_Rsmp_ca90e08b
depmod:         sock_release_Rsmp_417aa937
depmod:         force_sig_Rsmp_1dacf4c0

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