[DRBD-user] File operations still hanging

KUCKAERTZ Régis - NVISION regis at nvision.lu
Wed May 26 12:23:57 CEST 2004

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sorry it's too late but i'll try to reproduce that behavior and then do a
ps. As far as syslog files are concerned, there's nothing of an error

-- Régis 

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> Hi,
> I went on installing drbd 0.6.12 yesterday, as we plan to build a 
> clustered internet infrastructure. Everything was fine. I followed 
> step-by-step guide on home page, and then "Data Redundancy by DRBD" and
got to "Testing".
> The secondary server is currently syncing (spent the whole night, but 
> I guess my LAN is the purpose), I ran datadisk on the primary server 
> and it was ok, but for after that I have just done a "ls" (/dev/nb0 is 
> mounted on
> /home) and it's still hanging (actually, its state is in 
> "uninterruptable sleep").
> I wonder if this is because of the syncing process or I did something 
> wrong ?

can you do a
 ps -eo pid,comm,stat,wchan
and see which processes hang where?
do you have something in the syslog?

	Lars Ellenberg
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