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Gary Baker Gab at walkertool.com
Fri May 21 18:44:58 CEST 2004

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I have been studying the documentation and searching the lists, but I
can't seen to find an answer to my particular issue. 
My situation is this:
I have 2 identical Gentoo boxes running "vanilla" 2.4 kernels. They are
older boxes that we given to me for Linux testing (PII 400Mhz, 4G IDE
HD) One is a production server serving up Samba shares and Apache. I
intend the other box to be a mirror-failover. In the meantime I secured
another older box (PII 300Mhz, 4G SCSI HD) to use in order to test
clustering without jeopardizing my production box.
DS2 = hda3 is root partition (reiserfs), which I want mirrored to DS3
DS3 = sda3 is root partition (reiserfs), which will be the mirror of
I have done an rsync of the production server (called DS) to it's
backup (called DS2). I have also rsync'ed that to the cluster experiment
box (called DS3). DS2 and DS3 are connected to the main net through eth0
(10/100Mbit) and a crossover cable on eth1 (10/100Mbit). I have
installed heartbeat on DS2 and DS3 and tested the failover and it works.
I have installed DRBD on DS2 and DS3 and I believe the configuration is
listing drbd.conf:
resource drbd0 {
  protocol = C
  fsckcmd = /bin/true
  disk {
    disk-size = 3662700
  net {
    sndbuf-size = 1M
    sync-min    = 500k
    sync-max    = 100M  # maximal average syncer bandwidth, default was
    tl-size     = 5000  # transfer log size, ensures strict write
    timeout     = 60    # unit: 0.1 seconds
    connect-int = 10    # unit: seconds
    ping-int    = 10    # unit: seconds
    ko-count    = 4     # if some block send times out this many
                        # the peer is considered dead, even if it
                        # answeres ping requests
  on ds2 {
    device = /dev/nb0
    disk = /dev/hda3
    address =
    port = 7788
  on ds3 {
    device = /dev/nb0
    disk = /dev/sda3
    address =
    port = 7788

I am now ready to test my cluster, but I am not fully understanding how
DRBD works with existing file systems. What must I do to create the
mirror/failover between the two? Should I be trying to mirroring my
entire root partition? I am worried that I will have problems since DS3
is SCSI and DS2 is IDE. Even though these are "test" boxes, I want to
get it right the first time if possible.
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