[DRBD-user] Gentoo installation note....

Ron O'Hara rono at sentuny.com.au
Sun May 9 09:07:31 CEST 2004

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patch attached to install script in a gentoo system


Lars Ellenberg wrote:

>/ 2004-05-06 13:18:30 +0000
>\ Ron O'Hara:
>>Just a suggestion for the 'make install' on a gentoo system ... you can 
>>test if it's gentoo by checking if the file /etc/gentoo-release exists 
>>(it has the release level in it)
>>If so, the init scriot for drbd needs to be a bit different. The one I'm 
>>using is:
>>(NB. I have the drbdadm wait_connect all commented out because it always 
>>seems to timeout and everything is fine with it integrated via the 
>>heartbeat scripts anyway)
>Thank you for volunteering as the gentoo packaging maintainer :)
>	Lars Ellenberg
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