[DRBD-user] RE: DRDB on GCE3.1

Weyer, Wolfram Wolfram.Weyer at fci.com
Wed Mar 31 13:25:32 CEST 2004

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I have compiled drbd 0.6.12 directly with the kernel (see the 'monolithic'
discussion). There were no 'unresolved symbol' problems beside the
SIGNAL_HACK issue described in my previous post.
I haven't tried to compile it as a module yet, what kind of symbol are you


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> From: Stopjak Marian [mailto:Marian.Stopjak at siemens-pse.sk]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 31. Marz 2004 13:06
> To: 'Wolfram.Weyer at fci.com'
> Subject: DRDB on GCE3.1
> Hi!
> Sorry for disturbing you.
> You've decribed the problem with itegrating of drdb with the 
> GCE3.1 and your
> solution of this. Could you write me please if this solutions works
> correctly. I need to integrate drdb with GCE3.1 too. After renaming
> SIGNAL_HACK it was albe to compile it.I have problem with "unresolved
> symbol" error that can be solved by recompiling of the kernel i hope.
> But recompiling of kernel is not so easy for me, so write me 
> please if drdb
> works with GCE3.1
> Kind regards
>          Marian Stopjak

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